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 Get a Website!!!

    Who needs a Website, anyway?

    Sooner or later, most of us will find that we need to    make use of the Internet. Those with business  interests can hardly afford to ignore the World Wide Web. Even those with personal and casual interests will find that the resources available on Internet are extensive and time saving compared to those formerly obtainable. Those who need a web page or site are those who have something to say. And, they are those who wish others to recognize and communicate with them. An increasingly larger portion of web users will see the advantages in participating via web page.
    Get your free web page design and website now 
    If selected, your Web site development is FREE. Pay nothing each month to maintain your website. Basic website design and web hosting includes web page, graphics, links and visitor form emailed to you when filled out by visitors to your website.*
    Need a Business Site?

    Whether you need a full featured business web site, complete with order processing and on line catalog, or a simple personal page, professional writing and design are important aspects of successful web sites. Most professional sites owe their success to good writing as well as to the creativity of the original author. We can make it possible for thousands of people to find and access your site through search engines and publicity.  

    Describe your needs

    Give us your ideas for a Web Page and we will translate them into a finished product. We will design and create a site to your specifications. This includes editing or writing the copy, providing graphics and animation. The product can be transferred to your service provider, or if you select our web hosting services, the site will be placed under our domain server.

    The Team

    Hi-Tek's Team includes a systems analyst, a Novell Certified Netware Engineer, a teacher and a programmer. In addition, they hold graduate degrees from the Universities of California and Minnesota. Their varied experience includes both High School and University teaching. Hi-Tek offers a super deal that includes, web site administration, transferring your files to the web server, advice on promotion for your site, design with graphics and sound, emailing completed visitor response forms.

    * your Web site must be under the Hi-tekmall.com domain. If you need your own domain (www.yourdomain.com) then contact us for a free estimate of your full service domain.

    Check Prices on Web pages

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