This Web Site offers you the Table of Contents for the book, Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6, Visual Basic source code you can download and use, and a collection of Web sites to view if you are interested in Web design services. Click on Chapter file to download: Teach Yourself Visual Basic Some files (such as image files) will be unpacked with the program files, but these may need to be placed into specific folders, according to the paths set in the program files. For example a form procedure may specify that a file is in c:\folder1\folder2\filename.jpg. In this case, you must place the file exactly in that path, even if it means you must create the directory structure. Of course, you can always modify the program to accept a different path. In the event that you receive error messages that certain files cannot be found, check the program code to see where the files should be located. For example, the chapter 12 data environment files are dependent upon your setting up the connections and database on specific paths. You will need to adjust the code if the files are in a different location.
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Teach Yourself Visual Basic 6 Contents Part I: Introduction to Visual Basic Chapter 1: The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) I Chapter 2: The Integrated Development Environment (IDE) II Chapter 3: Using the Application Wizard Chapter 4: Understanding Basic Concepts Chapter 5: Interpreting Events Part II: Working with Forms and Controls Chapter 6: Creating and Modifying Forms Chapter 7: Creating Menus Chapter 8: Learning More about Controls Chapter 9: Working with More Controls Part III: Increasing Programming Skills Chapter 10: Learning to Use Advanced Data Features Chapter 11: Debugging Chapter 12: Accessing Databases Chapter 13: Handling Errors Chapter 14: File Input and Output Part IV: Using Graphics and Multimedia Features Chapter 16: Working with Graphics Methods and Controls Chapter 17: Using Images Chapter 18: Understanding OLE Part V: Using Advanced Features Chapter 19: Using the Add Ins Chapter 20: Using ActiveX Controls Chapter 21: Programming on the Internet Chapter 22: Developing Applications for the Internet Chapter 23: Packaging Your System