Welcome to the Wallace Family Saga Website

This Website is a multimedia presentation of various segments of the William Wallace Family who originally immigrated from Scotland to Virginia in the 17th century. The movies will show the Robert Hood Wallace family (William's eleventh son) and their children and grandchildren. The multimedia presentations are in mp4 format, so you can play them on any mobile device (iOS or Android).

The first of the movies to become available concerns James Robert (Jim) Wallace, who left home for Arizona in the 1880's. Be patient, as this is a big file and takes possibly minutes to load. Also, feel free to correct any historical or other mistakes. This is for the enjoyment of the Wallace family (distant cousins etc.).

Check back for new movies as they become available. The Website is the property and production of Patricia Hartman, daughter of Mary Elizabeth Wallace Mathis. Click on the movie links below.

The Story of Jim Wallace

Robert Hood Story (Florence's Birthday)

Prequel Robert Hood Part II Robert Hood Part III