Who needs a Website, anyway? 

When you ask us for help, you are making an investment in the success of your project. When you deal with us, you always get a contract listing the services you want and the fees you will pay. Your satisfaction is the standard by which we judge our success.

Sooner or later, most of us will find that we need to make use of the Internet. Those with business interests can hardly afford to ignore the World Wide Web. Even those with personal and casual interests will find that the resources available on Internet are extensive and time saving compared to those formerly obtainable. Those who need a web page or site are those who have something to say. And, they are those who wish others to recognize and communicate with them. An increasingly larger portion of web users will see the advantages in participating via web page.

What Our Fantastic Clients Say

Some manuscripts need only basic editing. In basic eaiting,we check for mistakes such as inappropriate usage, misspellings, incorrect subjec;Vverb agreen1ent, and !)OOf syntax. we do not change sentences to make them ·read better.· AWkWard sentences that are grammatically correct will not be changea.
Other manuscripts benefit from more extensive changes than we make in basic eaiting. Our eaitors search for ambiguous or !)OOrly wordea sentences and rewrite then1 to read more smoothly. We make such changes only when they improve your work and do not after J,Our original ideas.
Your manuscript may be generally very good, yet still require more than a few rewordea sentences. If you need whole paragraphs, or even pages, rewritten, then the major rewrite level of service is for you. We will work dosely with you to retain the flavor and spirit of your original concept

Professional editing is an important aspect of successful authorship. Most professionally published manuscripts owe their success to good editing as wen as to the creativity of the original author. Serious writers understand that a manuscript, no matter
how wen written, needs the 􀀄nishing touch of a professional editing job.
Here's why! Even good writers are guilty of an occasional spelling or grammatical error. You, yourself, may catch most of these errors, awkward constructions, or random lapses in logic.
No matter how carefully you check, however, it is virtually impossible to catch every mistake. We will take care of any rough drafts you make.

Patricia Hartman is a published author of a number of books and other publications. currently a Web developer and author, she will provide editing, typesetting, design and illustrations. for books, newsletters, Web pages or catalogs. She has published a number of instructional books over the past 15 years, with three books currently in print. Dr. Hartn,an holds graduate degrees fron, the University of Minnesota and has taught at 2 major state universities.

Ghost or Contract Writing and Self Publishing Assistance
Perhaps you need a manuscript written and do not have the time to do so. Or Possibly you have begun a work and cannot finish it. In either case, you may want to consider contracting for uncredited contract writing, sometimes called ghost writing.
We excel in turning a rough draft or even a detailed outline into a polished, professional manuscript. We would like a chance to bid on any type of contract writing, credited or not, based on rough draft, partial draft, or outline. Since each job of this type is unique, fees are arranged on a case by case basis.
Have You decided to be your own publisher? If so, we can provide useful information about the problems you will face in the field of self publishing. The self publication consultation consists of a check list of do's and dont's, as well as a custon1 evaluation of your manuscript's chances of success.
Do you need pictures to accompany your words? We can create custom illustrations that will add extra visual flavor to your work. 􀀄Ve are ready to help you prepare your ,nanuscript for publication.

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